Are you noticing changes in your loved one’s behaviors? Moods that are uncharacteristic or even physically aggressive behavior? This is very common in the senior adult population. While this may be a result of an untreated medical issue, many times these behavior changes are related to mental health or cognitive dysfunction.

Behavioral Health programs may be housed within a hospital, allowing for an inpatient stay, while others are outpatient. Under close supervision from a team of mental health professionals, your loved one will receive a thorough evaluation and treatment. In additional to continued treatment of any existing medical conditions, the interdisciplinary team will take a comprehensive look at each individual to determine any mental health concerns.

Sometimes, just making changes to the senior adult’s medication regimen will result in relatively rapid, positive outcomes. Psychiatric conditions among the geriatric population are real and should not go untreated.

Many of our home care clients have benefited greatly from behavioral health programs in our area. For additional information or next steps, give us a call – 601-856-5660.