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Jun 30, 2022 | Blog

Looking for Home Care for an elderly loved one? Googling “Home Care Near Me” may be a start, but there’s a lot more to find out than just who is the closest. Home Care agencies can vary widely in the services that they provide as well as their organizational structure. In Mississippi, non-medical home care agencies are not licensed or regulated; therefore, there is not a set of standards that each company must adhere to. This is even more reason to ask pointed questions when choosing a home care agency to work with.

The following questions will help you get started:

1. Does your agency employ its caregivers to include payment of all payroll taxes, bonding, liability and workers compensation insurance? If not, what liability do I have when utilizing your service (on-the-job injuries, payroll taxes, etc.)?

2. What is your hourly charge and is there a minimum number of hours per shift / per week?

a. How do you bill for services? (be cautious if upfront payments are required)

b. What forms of payment are accepted?

3. How do you monitor the performance of your caregivers? What type of training do they receive?

4. What is your protocol when a caregiver can’t make it to work?

5. Who do I contact with questions, concerns, complements, etc.? Will I have a point of contact in your agency’s office?

You will find a more extensive list of questions provided by agingcare.com below:

Questions To Ask A Home Care Company

If you are looking for home care, feel free to reach out to Covenant Caregivers. We’d be happy to answer any of these questions for you.


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