Our Story

In 1998, our owner, Mike Davis, walked through the doors of an assisted living community with hopes of becoming their new marketing director. From the moment he entered the beautiful lobby area with residents coming and going, he knew he had found something special. What he didn’t know at the time was that he would be beginning a journey of service to senior adults that would foster a deep rooted passion and result in years of rewarding work. From marketing to operations management, both local and regional, the experiences would be too many to count.

After eight years, a new door opened for Mike to enter the hospice and palliative care field. This experience was equally rewarding and paved the way to see firsthand how many elderly people were determined to stay at home and care for their loved ones. The need for additional care and services was great in order for an elderly person dealing with a terminal illness to remain in the comfort of his/her own home – but so very important. Joining a person’s journey at the end of life is an honor and it also offers a glimpse into the day to day challenges. For six years, Mike was able to observe these challenges and play a part in finding safe solutions for the patients and their families.

As Mike began his 15th year in service to seniors, the experiences and opportunities along the way were leading to something that only God could orchestrate. Following months of prayer, study, and collaboration with friends and colleagues, the door began to open for what would eventually become Covenant Caregivers. At the end of 2011, a resignation from corporate healthcare and the formation of a new, privately owned business was the start of a new journey. With the help of a trusted friend and former co-worker, Rhonda Boles, Covenant Caregivers became a reality and began providing non-medical home care for seniors in January 2012.

Rhonda and Mike share the same passion and vision as they lead the organization – to offer innovative, professional solutions in a way that recognizes each person’s unique circumstances.

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