Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Assistance for Seniors

Apr 30, 2021 | Blog

In the senior care industry, you will often hear reference to a person’s ADLs. This stands for Activities of Daily Living and generally includes the following:

Ø Walking/Ambulation

Ø Feeding

Ø Dressing & Grooming

Ø Toileting

Ø Bathing

Ø Transferring (from one place to another – e.g. chair to bed)

Senior adults will fall somewhere on the continuum from “independent with ADLs to total assist with ADLs.” This helps caregiver agencies or senior living communities understand how much assistance will be needed. As people age or experience accident or illness, they will likely experience increased need for help with their ADLs.

In addition to Activities of Daily Living, there is another group of activities called Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). These types of activities are more complex and include:

Ø Managing finances

Ø Managing transportation

Ø Shopping & Meal Preparation

Ø Housekeeping & Home Maintenance

Ø Managing Communication (use of a telephone, for instance)

Ø Managing Medication

It is fairly standard that Long Term Care Insurance companies decide one’s eligibility for benefits based on their need for assistance with ADLs. Most often, an individual must need help with at least 2 ADLs to qualify. Of course, this can vary by policy.

The good news is that the Covenant Caregivers team can help you or a loved one with any or all of the ADLs. Whether the need is minimal or total assist, we can help you to accomplish these tasks in a safe manner with dignity and respect.

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