Non-Medical Home Health Care in Madison & Hattiesburg MS

Non Medical Home Care Services in Madison & Hattiesburg MS

Choosing Covenant Caregiver for Comprehensive Non-Medical Home Care Services

Activities such as traveling alone or driving are indulgences that people lose when they age.

When seniors are given the extra help of a trained home caregiver, they can enjoy personal independence to do daily tasks as safely as possible.

Covenant Caregivers is a pioneer non-medical home care agency in Madison & Hattiesburg, MS. We provide a comprehensive senior care service to help older adults live at home. We also give family caregivers well-deserved opportunities to take a break and recharge.


Understanding Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care is long-term care offered to clients that do not include medical or skilled nursing services. Instead, a non-medical home care agency is intended to help support many of the additional physical and lifestyle issues that older individuals confront, all from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Various levels of care are available based on the older adult’s specific needs and your choices and desires as a family caregiver. In certain circumstances, home care might focus on companionship, providing individuals with the social support they require to maintain an active, rewarding existence. Non-medical home care may assist with daily activities such as sitting, standing, or moving around for others.

Our in-home non-medical care is adaptive and versatile, and you or your senior loved one can get assistance with various daily, weekly, or monthly requirements. 


The Benefits of Our Non-Medical Home Health Care

Our non-medical care services are less expensive than other forms of long-term care and may be tailored to your senior loved one’s specific requirements. Instead of uprooting their life to move into a residential home or assisted living facility, home care can enable older persons to age in the comfort and safety of their homes.

It is also relatively simple to get started. At Covenant Caregivers, we can conduct a free in-home evaluation of your loved one’s present circumstances, and in most situations, we can be up and running with a tailored care plan in just a few days. We are a fully licensed and insured firm, and every one of our carers must pass a comprehensive background check and training program before entering a client’s house.

Significant studies have repeatedly demonstrated that most older persons prefer to live at home as they age. Home care is an excellent approach to assisting your loved ones in achieving their preferences while providing the practical support they require to flourish.

Our home care is convenient; being at home allows older persons to prioritize their lives rather than adhere to a prescribed institutional diet or routine. As a result, non-medical home care has been found to promote a healthier, more independent lifestyle and increase longevity. Home care also allows seniors to maintain social connections with friends and family, which may help minimize sadness and anxiety, enhance general health, and improve older adults’ quality of life.

Simultaneously, the comfort and flexibility of non-medical home care have several advantages for family caregivers. It is frequently referred to as respite care for this precise reason: it allows family members to get much-needed rest on a schedule that works for them.

Our non-medical home health care, when compared to other types of long-term care, allows for more accessible communication and scheduling, allowing caregivers to reclaim their peace of mind and devote time to other essential aspects of their lives, such as spending quality time with their children, scheduling doctor’s appointments, or exercising. Our home care provided full-time or for a few hours per month, can allow family caregivers to recharge their batteries and return to their elderly loved ones with more attention, concentration, and energy.

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 Why Should You Consider Our Non-Medical Home Care Services?

Covenant Caregivers’ non-medical home care services allow our seniors to be self-sufficient while living comfortably at home. This gives family members the peace of mind of knowing their senior loved one is being cared for in a personalized manner.

Our Non-Medical In-Home Care includes companionship, bathing and dressing, grocery shopping, light housekeeping and laundry, meal planning and preparation, light exercise, medication reminders, and transportation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will you know the right caregiver for my senior?
We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s needs; then, a custom care plan is developed. We will then match your senior to the appropriate caregiver, carefully considering all details.

Q. What if a bit of assistance is all that my senior requires?
Our Non-Medical In-Home Care service is available for as little as 4 hours daily. If your loved one needs help organizing the house once a week or wants a walking buddy in the morning, we will be there. We can be as flexible as you need us to be.

Q. Can you offer specialty care if the need arises?
We can always add modifications to your loved one’s custom care plan. We can also re-evaluate if your current caregiver is still the best fit or if another differently-skilled one is more appropriate.

Q. Do we have to be locked up in a long-term service contract?
Covenant Caregivers does not tie you down into a long-term contract. We have a simple service agreement that can be canceled anytime with 24-hour notice; however, our excellent services will win you over easily. Call us to explore our services and care plans.

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