Companionship Services

Companion Care In Madison, Hattiesburg & Greater Jackson

We greatly appreciate your interest in Covenant Caregivers’ Elderly Companionship Services.

Our sitters undergo strict selection processes, providing your families with sitters who are not only dutiful and reliable but who love to spend time with your elderly loved ones.

The Covenant Caregivers Philosophy

Live life to the fullest. Laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Learn something new every day. These three statements sum up our philosophy in caring for the elderly.

We help improve our elderly’s quality of life by providing quality companionship. It can be as simple as a quiet conversation or an afternoon stroll for a little sunshine.

Our mission is to provide companions who are watchful yet caring. We choose people who have a unique sense of humor, who love to listen to an elderly person’s wisdom, and learn about the world as they have lived it before.

Companion Care Services Available to Daily, Weekly & Monthly Members

Daily, weekly, and monthly members’ services include engaging conversation, pleasant company, friendship, playing puzzles, card games or board games, exercise, and short walks or outings. Housework such as laundry, light house cleaning, light meals like soups, sandwiches or snacks, medication reminders, and light errands are also included.

There are extra services that annual members are entitled to. Transport to doctor appointments, extended and overnight stays, errands such as picking up prescription medications, and a maximum of up to 10 items from the grocery store is also offered.

Additional errands include picking up and dropping off dry cleaning and movie rentals, picking up packages from the post office, and going to the bank to make deposits. Discounts are also available to annual members.

What You Can Expect From Us

Covenant Caregivers’ elderly companion services are perfect when your elderly loved one needs company, when they would like to go out for small errands or light exercise, and, most importantly, when their primary caregiver needs time off, and the elderly should not be left by themselves.

Please take note though that we are not a nursing agency or home care provider. Our sitters are not responsible for the elderly’s hygiene. They must be able to move about, and if in a wheelchair, they must be able to get in and out of the wheelchair by themselves if needed.

They must be able to get in and out of the car when being taken to a doctor’s appointment as well as during short outings.

Covenant Caregivers’ main concern is that your elderly loved ones and our sitters are safe at all times. We make sure our sitters are thoroughly screened, with multiple references and a clear background.

We promise to provide you with compassionate, reliable, and charming sitters, whose goal is to enhance the life of your elderly loved one! Contact our office today for more information about our companionship services in Madison MS.