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Mar 4, 2021 | Blog

March is National Social Work month.  Social Workers provide a wide range of services to all people regardless of age, and we are thankful for the work that they do.  At Covenant Caregivers, we are privileged to work with these professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, hospice organizations, and many others.  But did you know there are licensed social workers who are trained and experienced in working specifically with the aging population?

As part of this special recognition month, we want to spotlight one of our friends and colleagues that supports the elderly community on a daily basis.  Her name is Ashley Parker and she is a licensed certified social worker (LCSW).  Ashley has many years of experience working with families as they navigate through the elder care process.  She provides a wide array of geriatric care management services through her company, Compassionate Consulting.  Some of those services include:

  • Conducting Comprehensive Assessments that identify problems and offer effective solutions
  • Arranging home care and other safety services
  • Providing advice and guidance for long-distance family members
  • Assisting with transitions to senior housing options
  • Educating families on dementia care and symptom management
  • Providing counseling services to both the senior and the family
  • Engaging in crisis intervention

As a licensed certified social worker specializing in geriatric care management, Ashley is qualified to help you through the on-going journey of elder care.  We are honored to celebrate her profession and want to offer our sincere gratitude for this very important work.

To reach Ashley Parker, give her a call at 601-613-5078 or send an email to

If you know a social worker, give them an extra special “Thank You” this month!

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